The greatest joys of life
are to be found within our families.
Happiness comes as a byproduct of what we do and the environment we surround ourselves with.
In our home of ten we live a constant family reunion (the good kind!).  After being married for over 20 years and raising (and still in the process of raising) eight children,  we have learned a few things that work for us and what hasn’t – and we are still learning.  We are far from perfect.  But we do hope we can help others more fully pursue happiness and strengthen the most valuable and life altering unit in your life:  your family.


Our purpose is to strengthen the institution of the family
and to strengthen individual families.

About the Jones Family

Both raised in Oregon, we met at the University of Oregon.  Eight months after our first date, we married. We brought our first child into the world a year and a half later.

That new baby is now 20 and our youngest is four.  This means we deal with quite a range of development stages all at once (including our own).  We love to write, speak, and create videos about these experiences.

We home school our children and encourage them to be active in the world and learn about those things that intrigue them.

We are also members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  Many of our core beliefs of families are summed up in this document: