TOPIC: Dealing With Uncomfortable Situations

When asking the family to write, we only ask that they write on a topic.  How they approach that topic, what angle they take, how long or short, how specific or general is up to them.

This first topic is

How to deal with uncomfortable situations.

I  am amazed at how differently we all saw this topic.  It was really something special to read each of their posts and, even as their father, see the different perspectives.  What an unexpected treat!

Everyone gets in uncomfortable situations.  Some of us deal with it better than others.  Then there are those exceptions never look frazzled  (who are you anyway?!).  But for the rest of us, it is a state of life that doesn’t ever seem to go away.

And in a family of 10 – with diverse personalities, interests, and ages – we have our share of them!

We hope you enjoy them and learn as much as we did.